Wiring up a pay phone to a web page in real-time + audio streaming

Teensy / OTG / React Native / React / Google Firebase Real-time db

Video pixelation by proximity – Microsoft Kinect

Prototype to communicate streaming quality in physical 3D space

Real-time Cinema4D to Arduino

Controlling servo’s in real-time from cinema4D via Python and PySerial

Smile Control Audio & Video

OpenCV/ PyGame – using smiles to play and pause audio and video tracks

Real-time colour averaging with OpenCV

Variable resolution + UDP socket to send to L.E.D.s // Python

Microsoft Kinect control Audio

Play, pause, skip tracks and control volume using physical space

// Java (P5) & Arduino / OSC / Serial

Microsoft Kinect motion to L.E.D’s

Exploring space, motion and light

Real-time Cinema4D MoGraph data to Pi (UDP / Sockets)

Sending Cinema4D’s mograph data over the network in real-time to a Pi/L.E.D hat

Facebook Messenger Coffee Ordering Chatbot

Facebook Messenger / Facebook Auth / Meteor.js / MongoDB / Node.js

Prototyping a pool safety device

Gyroscope / waterproof Ultrasound sensors / Alarm / Arduino

Proof of concept for a digital swear jar

Google Cloud Platform / Speech / Arduino / Python